Reston Dining

You don’t have to leave Reston to experience a wide variety of cuisines and dining options. It’s all right here!

Reston has more than its fair share of restaurants, bars, and cafés. Many eateries line retail hubs like Reston Town Center, Lake Anne Plaza, and South Lakes Village Shopping Center, while others are standalone establishments sprinkled throughout the area.

Reston hosts locations of national and local restaurant chains as well as locally owned and operated restaurants. Successful Washington, DC restaurants often choose Reston when the look to grow in the area.

You can experience everything from fast food to fast casual to fine dining. New options open regularly, so even long-time residents can find new experiences.

Some of our favorites include:

  • Cafesano in South Lakes Village Center
    For quick-casual family-friendly dining we head to Cafesano in South Lakes Village Center. It’s terrific for lunch on the patio or a relaxed and easy dinner. Their hummus is the best! The menu items are full of freshness and bold flavor profiles from Italy and the Mediterranean and appeal to vegetarians and meat lovers alike.
  • Ariake on Glade Drive
    Adjacent to Hunters Woods Shopping Center is Ariake. It is a family owned business specializing in Japanese cuisine. The sushi is a stand out! We particularly appreciate that it’s unique and friendly. The food is delicious, and the staff is always welcoming.
  • Not Your Average Joe’s at The Spectrum
    For good food, great service, and a comfortable place to stop for drinks, lunch, or dinner head to Not Your Average Joe’s. They have interesting variations on a variety of menu options. The menu changes seasonally. Their focaccia bread is worth the trip alone! We appreciate that they also highlight local charities and social service organizations with contributions monthly.
  • Gregorio’s in North Point Village Center
    Head for Gregorio’s Trattoria to get hearty Italian food. This place has a cheerful neighborhood atmosphere. You’re never disappointed in what you order and never go home hungry! The minute you arrive, you are welcomed with a friendly smile. The staff makes sure your meal is prepared to your specifications.

So Many Options

There are so many great places to eat in Reston, just one of the many reasons this is a great place to live. Check Trip Advisor, Yelp and Open Table to find many more choices.